Realistic flowers

addaplant® flowers exactly replicate real plant species. Special materials are used to simulate living plants with such accurate detail, addaplant® flowers are almost indistinguishable from the real thing

addaplant sunflowers displaying accurate leaves and petals & finer details such as disk florets and pollen

Every addaplant® artificial flower is detailed just as the real plant it mimics

Perfect imperfection

addaplant® artificial flowers are individually designed to perfectly replicate specific species. Exploiting their natural perfection and even more importantly, natures unexplainable imperfection.

addaplant® showrooms

Our Artificial plants can be seen on display in our international showrooms in UK, Spain & Denmark

More than 100 different species are on display for immediate purchase or order




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addaplant® artificial plants & trees


addaplant® Artificial plants are indistinguishable from real plants. Decorate and embelish your home, office and ‘playgrounds’ with the most realistic artificial plants from addaplant®.


A huge range of artificial trees. From a 30cm small bonsai tree to a 5m tall palm. Each and every addaplant® artificial tree has all the natural detail you would expect from a high quality artificial tree. Real bark, dying and drying vegetation and realistic branches, leaves, needles and even fruit


Its time to adorn your home once more with nature

Forward Edge Interior Design Magazine

addaplant® artificial Plants trees and flowers are maintenance and worry free

I never considered artificial plants before but my home in Marbella has been missing these wonderful plants and trees. I am so glad to have found them. And so beautifully designed and installed too. Thank you

Geoffrey K. La Zageleta. San Pedro

The quality of most artificial plants we have seen is so bad I wouldn't normally even consider them. But these really are fantastic

Mr & Mrs Price, Showroom customers

Where to buy addaplant Artificial plants?

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